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Dr. Abubaker Bahaj:
- Thanks for your quick and high quality service.Valentina has confirmed that she received the Roses. However, your good services are appreciated, of which I need in the near future. Have a nice day and keep up your quality services Your loyal customer,
        March 27, 2007

Massimiliano, Italy:
- I thank you for everything you are doing for me. You are very gentle and professional. I can assure you that this kind of service is absolutely appreciated and i will use your services again for everytime i'll need to send flowers :-) Waiting for next update i send my best regards to you. Thank again.
        March 11, 2007

John Lee Tregre:
- I shall keep your discount code because I intent to send my future wife many roses. Thanks again!
        March 09, 2007

Sasha, Australia:
- Many thanks for your kind service. Please have my cincere congratulations in this fabulous spring holiday! All the best to you! Kind Regards,
        March 09, 2007

Andrey, USA :
- It was nice to get a foto. Thanks for great job you have been done. Will have buissness again.Sincerely Yours,
        February 03, 2007

Glenn Hansen :
- Thank you so mutch tor your exellent service and the incredible effort you put inn to deliver my order. I am very happy for your great service,and can asure you that i will use romatic ukraine again! Best Regards from Norway Alyona!
        January 25, 2007

Francois and Olga Clemens-Golova :
- Thank you for the fantastic service; we will definitely use you again and tell all our friends about it. Kind regards,
        January 13, 2007

Olena Koval:
- Thank you so much for great job you've done! My mom was extreamly happy! I defenitely will use your service again in the future. Best regards
        November 10, 2006

Anthony Ruggeri:
- It was a pleasure doing business with you the first time which is why I was pleased to do so again. You have a great service. Thank you so much.
        October 30, 2006

Alonso Contreras:
- I am very glad with your service, thanks very much. Elena was very happy and like it very much the flowers that you send it. Again Thanks you very much !!
        October 20, 2006

Joaquin Aguado Ph.D., :
- Thank you very much, the flowers were received yesterday as you said.
        September 13, 2006

Mark Morgel:
- Thank you Alyona for delivery of flowers earlier than first stated. I was told they are absolutely beautiful but am still awaiting the picture I purchased of flowers at delivery time. Hope u can help me out with it. Thank you again for your service, I am sure I will be using you again.
        July 10, 2006

Andrew Barrand:
- Thank you for your help, I'm very grateful. I've asked for two deliveries to my friend in Kiev and the service has been first class on both occasions. I look forward to doing business with you again soon. Best wishes
        June 15, 2006

- Thank you very much for the pictures!!! It's very precious to see the picture of delivery moment, I really appreciated it. I truely enjoyed your services and am sure I will come back to order more flowers. Keep up with the good work!
        May 30, 2006

Arjan van der Veen:
- Dear Mrs Alyona, I am VERY satisfied, I immediately got a phone call from my friend to tell about it. I only had the questions about the payment beginning this week via Paypal but that was also solved very good. I am very satisfied the flowers are delivered on the day I asked to. My experience with other companies is somewhat different. Best regards,
        May 18, 2006

no name:
- Dear Sirs, i am very satisfied to deal with you and i woul like to thank you for your services. Best Regards.
        April 22, 2006

- Thank you so much. Ogromnoe spasibo. Personalno spasibo Alione. I will place another order to deliver a flowers Sunday April 23 same address. Spasibo. You are the best.
        April 10, 2006

Dragan Baosic:
- Thank you so much! You arranged very beautiful flowers. I will continue to use your service for sure!
        April 08, 2006

Caira Luciano :
- Many thanks, I confirm have received 3 photos of delivery. Thanks for your excellent service, I will be glad use your service again in the future.
        March 24, 2006

Andrew Barrand :
- This is the first time I have used your service, and I wanted to thank you for your very efficient service, I would recomend using your company to any of my friends. With best wishes,
        March 20, 2006

- Got the pictures ok - they look great - as always!!!:)))) Thank you for everything!!! - from the pictures I can see that the custom bouquet came out wonderful too :0))))) Dyakuyu so much for the personal attention :)))))) I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!! You all are the best!!! I'll be using your services agian soon!!! Hope you also had a good "Women's Day" holiday- Sincerely- :0)
        March 08, 2006

- Thank you very much for the precisely rendered service, lovely photos and the provided discount code. I liked prompt and friendly style of your support.
        March 08, 2006

Mr. Thomas Gould :
- Thank you very much for the photo...I really appreciate the service you do for me and Yelena........Again Thank you!!
        March 04, 2006

MR. Thomas H. Gould :
- Thank you verry much, that was indeed fast and i give my thanks to your company for such prompt service!! I will definately use you again in the future.. Sincerly,
        February 18, 2006

Marian :
- Thank you soooooo much for such wonderful service!!!!!:))))) Ilona loved the flowers and also said the champagne was fantastic!!!!! Our Valentine - even though apart - was so nice because of your help :))) And thank you so very-very much for the 2 pictures - it really made my day :))) What a nice unexpected surprise :)))) It's nice to see that there are companies who care :)))) Thus, DEFINITELY I will be using your services again soon! Women's Day next month and her birthday also will be coming up... I'll be in touch with you :)) ... I really appreciate the offer of discount :)) Again - warmest thank you!!!!
        February 15, 2006

Marian, USA:
- How did the delivery go to Ilona? She told me she got the flowers and they were very nice, etc. She also mentioned that you did take some pictures of her receiving the flowers and that you would be e-mailing all of them to me..Also - There will be many more reasons coming up for me to make use of your services, for Ilona, (ie. Women's Day, her birthday, etc) so I look forward to doing business with you again in the very near future!!!:)))) Thank you for doing such a nice job!!! Thank You Very Much!!! Sincerely,
        February 04, 2006

Bulent Gurkan, Istanbul :
- hi, it was pleasure working with you. thank you very much. I am sure we will work in the future too. Have nice time and good business
        February 04, 2006

Marian,USA :
- I\'ve used your service before about 2 yrs ago and you do a great job!!:)))(as a matter of fact, you still use 2 of my deliver photos on your site even to this day!!:))!-which is nice to see.) Anyways, I appreciate your help in fixing this for me and apologize for any inconvenience. Thank You So Very Much!!!:)) -sincerely
        January 04, 2006

Dan, Germany :
- Alyona, Thank you very much , they were very impressed!
        January 02, 2006

Our customer from Tokyo, Japan :
- Thanks for a delivery message. I received a thanks message from my recipient as well. They seem very happy with my flower gift all the way from Japan! Thank you again for your great service as always.
        November 04, 2005

Rob Williams, USA :
- The roses you delivered were the most beautiful roses! Thank you for quick and good service.
        November 04, 2005

Chris, UK :
- Many many thanks for the beautiful flowers for my lady. They were truly wonderful.
        October 04, 2005

Regina, Switzerland :
- Thanks for the delivery note including the picture: that was great !
        August 04, 2005

John Horn :
- Thank you for the notification of delivery, i wish to thank you for your service and advise you that i will be using you in the future. Regards
        March 09, 2008

- new order enquiry,please send us your email.cannot find it on your website.
        April 06, 2008

Adnan Ersoz:
- Thank you very much for your kind concern and excellent job you did. Sincerely appreciated. Hope to work with you again in the future on different occasions. Best Regards
        April 08, 2008

Aigars Benders, Kazakhstan:
- Thank you very much! As always, you are precise, and well done!
        May 21, 2008

Torben Norway :
- Hello Romantic Ukraine. Thank you so much for sending picture so fast, and thanks for your great service, 100% sure i will use your services again later, your customer service is beyond what we see here in western Europe. Another happy customer :)
        June 18, 2010

Paul P:
- Thanks Guys! I fell in love with beautiful Ukraine woman and thank you for helping me make her so happy;) Beautiful flowers and great service! Love the pic. Will use again PAUL USA
        May 10, 2011

- Thanks for the best flowers!
        May 19, 2014

- Thanks for the picture and nice flowers!
        February 20, 2015

- Good service! Thank you!
        March 08, 2018