Payment & Delivery would like to guarantee you our quick and simple order process, high quality and timely delivery, privacy and satisfied relationship in future. We will attempt several delivery options and search for the address in cases of some miscommunication. Please, stay in touch for us to help you!

Processing your order

After placing the items into your shopping cart online, please proceed with your order. You will be asked to fill out addressee and customers’ information as well as delivery details. Please make sure you have accurate information while filling out the form:
  • Correct address of the recipient if yoг have it (home/work/etc) and his/her contact telephone number. if you don`t have address we will check it from your recipient.
  • If you choose to notify the recipient about the delivery by phone, our manager will contact the addressee 1 day prior delivery to specify time and place of the delivery. If the provided phone number is not a working number or is unavailable and the recipient isn’t at the scheduled delivery place, please refer to the delivery section on our site.
  • If you chose NOT to notify the recipient about the delivery by phone, the contact number you provided will only we used when the delivery was failed (the recipient isn’t at the scheduled delivery place / address is incorrect).
  • Your correct contact information is necessary for details, possible changes and miscommunication situations.


We guarantee confidentiality of all personal and contact information you provide. Your information is solely used to process your order.
If you chose “Confidential delivery” option we guarantee your name will stay confidential to the recipient.

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Payment Methods

After placing your order and submitting your personal information, please select your preferred method of payment and fill out the payment form.
You can choose the following methods of payment:

For citizen of all countries:

  • Credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express)
  • Paypal
  • Cash payments for citizen of CIS (through payment terminals, Sberbank or any russian bank)
  • Payment through electronic payment systems for citizen of CIS (Yandex dengi, NCMEP, Yediniy koshelek, RBK money, Unikarta, Liberty reserve,, Perfect Money).
Please select your method of payment and check your information upon placing your order. Please note, every customer is responsible for providing us with correct and truthful information.

ATTENTION! If you have problems with payment during your order, you always can try to make new payment, please click at the payment systems icons in the end of the site.


Delivery times 9 am – 9pm. Delivery in Kiev is Mon-Sun. Delivery all over Ukraine is Mon – Fri.

Shipping and handling fee depends on the delivery area. Please check the main page for the applicable fees in your area. After placing your order, please allow 24h for the delivery in Kiev, 2 days in all major cities of Ukraine. On holidays please allow 2 days for the delivery in Kiev and 2 days all over Ukraine. Same day delivery is not offered.

We encourage our customers to specify the delivery time. We cannot guarantee the exact delivery hour, only the exact time frame (for example from 12 to 2pm, instead of 12pm).

We usually call to recipient 1 day before delivery to check write address and agree time of delivery. To avoid problems with delivery (if recipient will be out of the provided address in delivery time, has enother address, doesn`t answer by phone or want to take your order at enother date), we advise to allow us contact your recipient by phone. We don`t make bouquet before contacting of your recipient. It will help us to safe your money if recipient out of the city, no asnwer etc.

If you wish to cancel or change your order, please email or call us at your earliest convenience. We will change/cancel your order provided you informed us prior to the delivery day. (please check the status of your Order in “Processed Orders”).
Please try to allow 48h before the delivery when making changes. When contacting us about changes/cancellation, please provide us with your full name and order number. Unfortunately we will not be able to change your order once your arrangement was made and the delivery was scheduled.

We are happy to offer our photo services upon the delivery. You can request this option, but the recipient has a right to accept/decline the service. You will receive the picture through email on the next business day. The size will be adjusted accordingly. Please note that the photo service is complimentary, and does not affect your order/delivery rules and guarantees. Picture sizes and quality are not a subject to request refunds on your order. If you would/would not like to place a smaller version of the picture on our website “Photo Gallery”, please notify us about your choice.
Delivery Confirmation is emailed to the customer 8pm-10pm on the delivery day (Kiev), or the next business day after the delivery (other cities of Ukraine) Please note that all confirmations are emailed at the very end of the business day due to a high volume of deliveries and agents involved.

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Terms and conditions of your order

If the customer failed to provide us with the correct delivery address and phone of recipient, he is responsible for the shipping and handling fee for the second attempt delivery. If the customer chooses not to have a second attempt delivery, and requests a refund we will not be able to grant it. The order is considered to be processed and the cost is non refundable.

If the recipient is not present at the address provided by the customer at the time of the scheduled delivery, we can choose to leave the order with recipient’s co-workers, family members or neighbors. If it is not possible, and you would like to attempt another delivery, the customer is responsible for the shipping and handling fee for the second attempt delivery. If the customer chooses not to have a second attempt delivery, and requests a refund we will not be able to grant it. The order is considered to be processed and the cost is non refundable.

If the recipient refuses to accept the delivery due to some reason, our manager will notify the customer. The order is considered processed and the cost cannot be refunded.

If placing your order you fail to provide us with the correct address/ receipient name and contact information, we will attempt to contact you and confirm this information. If we are not able to contact either of the parties, we cannot process your order.
If you fail to pay 100% of your order we cannot process it. Please note that we do not accept partial payments.

If we detect that your order cannot be placed/delivered (check the status of your order “Order in Process” ) we have a right to cancel your order and refund you 100%.

Flower arrangements

The unique feature of our flower arrangements is its decorative side and composition.
Our florists use high quality products and patterns in creating every arrangement. We specialize in high class professional work and best flower delivery service. 
The flower arrangement can slightly vary due to season, weather and flower availability in different parts of Ukraine.
Sometimes certain shades of colors on your delivery day are not available. Our florists and agents will find similar bouquets and compositions to better depict your desired design. We will do our best to come as close as possible to the chosen pattern. In this case price will remain the same and will not affect your order.
Arrangements delivered in all other cities of Ukraine, except Kiev, can be slightly different from those seen on our website. This is explained by certain flower availability and seasonal differences in various regions of Ukraine. Our florists guarantee professional approach and similar flower arrangement without any price change.
Administration has a right to refuse to process the order due to some respective reason. The customer will be notified by email, telephone or any other contact info provided by the customer within 2 days since the payment was made. Thecustomerwillreceive 100% refund.

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